Considerations to Make Before Refurbishing Your Bathroom

Having your bathroom refurbished is your opportunity to get the space of your dreams. Whether you’re simply planning to upgrade your suite or want to change the configuration, taking some time to consider key elements before you begin is one way to help your refurbishment be a success.

After all, it’s a big project and a substantial investment, so it makes sense to do some planning first. In the following post, we offer guidance on important factors to think about before you begin.

Choosing your layout

If the way your bathroom is currently laid out works well for you then there’s no need to change it - as this will add extra time and expense to your project. However, if the position of certain things haven’t been working so well, for example, if you’d rather the shower wasn’t under the window, a refurbishment is the perfect time to change it.

Draft out your ideal layout, then check with your plumber whether this is possible. There may be some limits due to the location of the wet walls in your bathroom - the side or sides that the pipes sit behind.

Your bathroom wish list

In what ways do you most use your bathroom? For example, if you love to relax in it, you could consider upgrades to your bath, such as a freestanding tub or a spa bath. On the other hand, if you actually rarely use your bath you could get rid of it completely and make room for a freestanding shower.

This is the ideal time to think about your priorities for your new bathroom, so your refurbished room will tick all your boxes once it’s finished.

Your budget

While making the above considerations is definitely important, none of it is possible without the budget to match. Before you commit, get three separate quotes so you can be sure on costs, and check what they do and don’t include. You may need to allow for the cost of materials including suite and tiles separately. If the things you want push you over budget, take some time to decide how much you really desire them. If it’s a lot, consider having your refurbishment done at a later date so you can save up. However, if you realise you’re not actually too fussed about a walk-in shower, you can have your quote amended and save some money!

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